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Plans pack to build WhizzyWig XGE - Download here!!  

Radio controlled 'Extreme Ground Effect'
WIG/Ekranoplan Model (Release 1.1)

The Most Extreme Model You Can Make!

A 1105 mm/ 43.5 inch Ekranoplan (‘wing-in-ground-effect’) model
for 3 'Speed 400 - 480' type motors and three-function radio control

 for construction from balsa, thin ply and foamboard.


Some years ago I developed a Plans Pack for a radio controlled working model Ekranoplan - the 'WhizzyWig XGE' based on my MK4 & MK5 models.
I am delighted to now make the Plans Pack free to download!! 

(**** donation gratefully accepted! *****).  

There is a lot of good stuff in the plans pack even if you don't built it. 

Great for school or university projects!  - Use WhizzyWig XGE to learn about boat, hovercraft and aircraft dynamics, and have fun at the same time!
Click this link for some ideas

The story of the development of my models is told in 'Mind the Gap!' March 2002 issue of Marine Modelling International magazine and in my article A Practical Guide to WIG Models


More fun than a conventional boat!  Like a high-speed dragster with a bit of /seat-of-the-pants flying thrown in for extra excitement.  WhizzyWig XGE operates in three modes:
  1. Displacement mode: High manoeuvrability and reliable steering control.
  2. PAR mode for medium speed cruise and amphibious operation:  The ‘power assisted ram’ (PAR) from its front fans gives fast take-off, enabling it to run over most smooth surfaces, including short grass, snow, ice, and especially water. WhizzyWig XGE will even climb quite steep hills on grass or snow!  In PAR mode WhizzyWig XGE is highly manoeuvrable.
  3. XGE mode: Full speed extreme-ground-effect flying over water,  she runs like a drag boat but without touching the water!


The Plans Pack comprises a zipped file with:

  • Full size AO drawings (.pdf)

  • A comprehensive 20 page illustrated guide to construction with advice on set up and operation (.pdf)

WhizzyWig XGE Plans Pack Download (via Paypal donation):      
Donations will go to the cost of maintaing this site to make the plans pack avaiable in future.
Once you have have gone though Paypal you will be taken to a page with the download link to the zipped file.

WhizzyWig XGE Plans Pack Download (via Paypal donation):
Donations will go to the cost of maintaing this site to make the plans pack avaiable in future.
Once you have have gone though Paypal you will be taken to a page with the download link to the zipped file.
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Here are other people's models built from the WhizzyWig XGE plans pack or inspired by/similar to the WhizzyWig design:

Spring 2005:  Mickael Chazaux in France has made this model straight from the plans for a school project.


Spring 2005:  Robert Love,  Auburn University, Alabama, USA has built this WhizzyWig XGE for research as part of his studies for  Aerospace and Materials Engineering Degree.  Here you can see the model is connected to a tether for closely controlled flight.  See it in action.

Another view of Robert Love's WhizzyWig XGE model.



December 2004: Keith Reed's magnificent WhizzyWig XGe model, in Australia 


Keith Reed's WhizzyWig video action  - undergoing trials over grass in Australia.  Click photo to run video.


November 2002: Terry Elliot’s second model based on the WhizzyWig plans. He says he has made a few modifications: the hull is 25 mm lower, it is much narrower at the bow and the stern, and the sponsons are shorter. The battery sits in the hull below the wing to keep the c of g as low as possible and it weighs only 1450g. He has fitted a speed 400's on the front and a 480 on the tail.



One of the first WhizzyWig XGE models to be built from the Plans Pack (- they only became available in  December 2001).
This fine craft was made by
Terry Elliott in England.  Amazingly it took him just six weeks from receipt of plans to trials in XGE mode! (April 2002)



Terry's model reaches for the skies.  Actually it was never designed to go that high!




Alvin Cheung, in Hong Kong, adapted his WhizzyWig XGE plans to produce this very 'Caspian Sea Monster' like machine (April 2002).


Nick James's beautiful WhizzyWig XGE ready for sea trials, June 2002


Marijn van de Ruit in The Netherlands built this beautiful model, seen next to his 1/144 scale plastic kit of the Russian A-90 Orlyonok ekranoplan. 


Another photo of
Marijn van de Ruit's model


Some WhizzyWigs by modellers in France exhibited at the Paris 2006 Model Exhibition.

Unfortunately I don't know who built these models.  You can see there they come in different sizes.  The one in the model is quite diminutive. 



18th December 2011 026

Hartsholme Electric Model Boat Club (HEMBC), Lincoln. from Jondave's photostream

WhizzyWig Testing  - from Jondave's photostream
 Hartsholme Electric Model Boat Club (HEMBC), Lincoln.

Testing on ice 

18th December 2011 017

Hartsholme Electric Model Boat Club (HEMBC), Lincoln.

from Jondave's photostream 


15th February 2009 151

Charles Guan's rapid plastic printing adaptation at MIT

Niall Forrester's model under construction

Partially completed WhizzyWIG XGE

Inspired by WhizzyWig

Here are other people's models that are remarkably similar to WhizzyWig, although I don't know for sure just how much they were inspired by it.



For more general discussion about WIG/Ekranoplan design have a look at the RC General Ekranoplan Topic discussion group - excellent stuff to be found here:

Sebastian Schattner's pretty craft  

See his video: ekranopl.MOV

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