WhizzyWig XGE Student Projects

WhizzyWig XGE was designed as a working model that will enable students and other WIG enthusiasts to gain experience of the issues surrounding ground effect phenomenon.  WhizzyWig XGE is a relatively simple model in which the emphasis has been put on simplicity and ease of construction and operation.

There are many facets of WIG that can be explored using the WhizzyWig XGE, which would make and interesting and educational project - here are some ideas:

- Airflow analysis
- Optimal angles of wing incidence
- Limits of stability
- Interaction of airflow between canard, main wing, and tail wing
- Role stability
- Maximising the 'gap'
- Optimal sponson design
- Airflow in PAR conditions
- Affect of camber/wing section on performance
- Directional control and turning circle

.....the possibilities are endless...

Through the WhizzyWig XGE internet discussion group builders of this model are able to discuss and share their learning with fellow students and enthusiasts.