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Ekranoplan MK3 Model


Photos prior to first sea trials 1999. She looks pretty but will she go?

Note the forward fans do not tilt but have deflectors fitted to direct airflow under the main wing.

Riding in PAR position but not in ground effect position.

Again, riding on PAR - playing hovercrafts - but not really flying.  Had great ambitions for MK3 but she will require further modifications.  Move on to MK4.

MK3 under construction.


The model was first powered by two 480 fan units on 7x2000 cells.  After some experimenting the fans were replaced by Jet-Electric units with '500' motors and 14 2000 cells, on a tilting mount.  Made the boat sit lower in the water!

I gave up with the big motors as they did not help get the boat airborne.  Tried some other ideas.  Here we see MK3 just on its PAR cushion, but reluctant to make it to full flight. 


The model was later modified for three propellers and a tilting PAR mount.

The small pylon sticking out from the rear hull is where another ducted fan unit had been fitted - yet another attempt to get this thing to work!

Even with the tilting propellers the model failed to work anything like as well as the MK4 + series.

Video to follow.


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