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Ekranoplan MK4 Model

The Ekranoplan Man

MK4 was finished in early Spring 2000.  One of the first tests took place in front of a film crew for the Discovery TV channel, for a series called 'Modelmania' .  They brought their big cameras especially for my model.  Seasoned model makers will know that the performance of a model is inversely proportional to the number of people hoping to watch it and the size of their cameras.  This show was to be broadcast to the world, so I was really under pressure!  Fortunately MK4 put on a good show, so you will be able to see footage of it in action, as well seeing as yours truly!

The MK4 under construction, using 'stringers and bulkhead technique 

Here the model is assembled in a jig to ensure accurate alignment of the main wing and ruder.

The finished MK4


Some captured frames of the MK4 first trials in ground effect as captured by the TV crew from Modelmania, on Discovery TV.

My ekranoplans appear in program 10 which also includes fast racing boats and hydroplanes.

Note no wake visible, except that caused by airflow

In the early trials I had the model balanced a little nose-heavy, so cruising depended on using deflected PAR quite a bit - as can be seen by the tilt of the front PAR fans.

The photos were taken before I had time to paint the cabin black




MK4 and MK5 at Toulouse, France, where I gave a lecture at the University.

The legs in the audience belong to some of the leading ekranoplan/WIG engineers in the world.

Top - the MK4, bottom - the MK5. The two models are quite similar; indeed the only real difference is the design of the main wing endplates.  The MK4 has flat sheet endplates which were found to cause tripping if not running straight,  The MK5 has V endplates to help avoid tripping.  The other big difference is in the construction method for the two models. 



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