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Ekranoplan MK5 "WhizzyWig XGE" Model

The Ekranoplan Man

MK5 was a development of the same thinking that went into the MK4.  The performance of the MK4 had exceeded my expectations but it was not without problems; in particular it was rather prone to tripping over its wingtip endplates if it ever got into a situation where there was any yaw or sideslip.  The cure for this was to be 'V' shaped wingtip sponsons.  At the same time I wanted to get away from the rather tricky 'bulkhead-and-stringer' build method and into something much more like a simple box construction that can be on a kitchen table.  The design was drawn up as 'AO' full-size plans and these plans together with building instructions are available from me;- the design named 'WhizzyWig XGE' (XGE standing for 'eXtreme Ground Effect').  Motors are 2 x speed 400 6 volt on PAR bar at bow and 1 x speed 480BB on the tail, all powered by a 7 cell nicad pack.  Quite a number of these plans packs have been bought by enthusiasts all around the world and the models turn up from here in UK right out to China and Australia!              

The basic hull box construction


The finished model




Quite early on I took the model to a WIG conference at Toulouse University....


...where I made some demonstrations of the canal at behind the university.  The gentleman standing immediately is Hanno Fischer, of Fischer Flugmechanik, one of the foremost persons in WIG.  I remember he called me Herr Flareboat Captain.    Also in the audience were.....

........Dr. Dimitri Sinitsin and his Amphistar team....Dipl. Ing. W. Günther Jörg of Tandem airfoil flareboats .....and Dr. Professor Kirill Rozhdestvensky, WIG expert at Saint Petersburg State Marine Technical University.... all giving me advice! 


Here we go.


Just skimming the surface



Now, that's the way you do it!

Back home some small modifications were made, and extreme ground effect skimming is achieved every time.

The wake comes from trailing edge vortices, just like on the full size Caspian Sea Monster.


Love those wingtip vortices tracks.

Getting a bit high here.  The vortices tracks are disappearing..

... but going like the clappers.

She does need some careful control.  Here I am getting a bit high due to having the PAR fans pointed up too much.


Ah - failure to control the PAR can lead to pitch-up.

Not a good thing

Sometimes pushing the edge of the envelope has a negative outcome. 

Fortunately it usually results in very little damage.

On one occasion the tail fin was snapped off.  So I built another tail fin and fitted it back.

This is what happened when she ran at full speed into a scaffold pole that stuck from the centre of one lake.

It's not the end of the world....

The canard is an important feature - a simple fix is at hand.....

A new canard wing was built....

...and fitted in place.

Back in the game.

What's inside? On the bulkhead at the front of the battery compartment is a gyro that is coupled to the rudder and helps improve control in crosswinds and gusts.  Not essential, but useful.

Amphibious..... WhizzyWig on snow.

Few other models are such fun on snow.  She'll even go up the hills the kids are tobogganing down.

There we see the MK5 'WhizzyWig' behind the MK6 version under construction.  The MK6 is almost exactly the same and was built from the WhizzyWig plans, but has some modifications to the wing.

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