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Ekranoplan MK6 Model

The first steps in building the MK6, as per WhizzyWig plan.  The main hull, upside-down.

The MK6 takes shape alongside the MK5.  The two models are almost identical, both being built from the WhizzyWig XGE plan.  The slots in the MK6 main wings are for experimental flaps intended to help bank the model when turning.


I ran out of yellow paint.  So the MK6 is red.

Actualy the colour scheme is set by the colour of the electrical insulating tape I had at the time to sick down the hatches.

Pretty much identical.  Note a more streamlined cabin  on the MK6


Ah good, she floats.  And the right way up too!

This is the sort of photo you get when you hold the transmitter in one hand and the camera in the other.