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Ekranoplan MK7 Model


MK7 began with the basic dimensions from the WhizzyWig XGE plan, with wings and tail as per the plan (more or less...).


The hull was cut from blue foam and hollowed out.  Then bonded to the main wing.  Note use of heavy book to hold it in place while glue dries. Not just any old book either;-  none less than Jane's Surface Skimmers 1973-74 edition.

Aligning the tail fin, vertical.


Aligning the tail fin, horizontal.



Clamping the tail fin while glue drying.

Hull carved and covered in brown paper & PVA


The finished job, ready for painting.


The canard wing fits under the hull behind a step, rather than through the hull as on the MK4,5&6 models.

Pretty isn't she.



the tilt of the PAR motors is adjustable by RC




Taxi trials

Open the throttle a little.

My Batteries were in very poor condition and unable to push to XGE

Experimental wing sections to be attached with tape.  Would they give any more lift?

It seemed like a good idea at the time.  But....

...the experimental sections gave no more lift than the flat section. 


If anything they increased the drag and reduced the effectiveness of the PAR fans.

The angle of incidence of the main wing was found to be incorrect - somehow I goofed on the build.  The main wing had to be cut out and re-positioned. 


Major surgery to re-fit the wing, with fillets added to increase the angle of incidence.

Main wing re-bonding in new position.


The model has now been completely restored but is currently being refitted with brushless motors.

Here I am messing about with shapes, exploring ideas .....for a MK8 perhaps.

The nose of the MK5 hangs down from the wall.

Shapes and possibilities...